Low Vitamin D Could Be the Cause

Low Vitamin D Could Be the Cause

Dark Bags Under the Eyes? Low Vitamin D Could Be the CauseA new study conducted by a group of anti aging researchers has revealed that low levels of vitamin D is the likely culprit responsible for the dark bags that appear under women's eyes during the winter months. These dark circles have been estimated to adversely alter the appearance of the women suffering from the condition to the extent that the women themselves may appear to be as many as five years older than they actually are.

All things considered,coach outlet this development should be received as good news for all the ladies out there scratching their heads and wondering why all of a sudden these dark circles appeared on their faces, making them look much older than their actual age and resulting in a far less attractive appearance. The reason for this is that the condition is very easily reversible, and knowing the cause of the condition enables the individuals who suffer from it to take corrective action to reverse the nutritional shortcoming and get back to looking their best. Simply put, high quality vitamin D3 supplements can help eliminate the dark bags under women's eyes that show up during the winter months.

The team of scientists from Adonia Organics found that people in general get far less direct exposure to sunlight during the winter months as compared to the amount of sun exposure obtained throughout the rest of the year when the weather is more accommodating.

Because the natural and most easily absorbed and metabolized form of vitamin D is manufactured in the human body when sunlight comes into contact with bear skin,coach factory outlet it stands to reason that the less clothing a person wears while outdoors the more vitamin D that person will absorb on a sunny day. In most places throughout the world, winter is accompanied by unbearably cold temperatures which prohibit people from wearing t shirts, shorts, bikinis, swimsuits and other clothing that does not cover all of the skin that society has deemed appropriate for exposure in public places (such as arms, legs, necks, torsos and in some cases backs). This results in people understandably dressing in such a way that as little skin as possible is left exposed to the frigid air outside. From the standpoint of vitamin D absorption, winter attire more or less prevents people from obtaining vitamin D the natural way during the cooler months, necessitating that individuals seek out the nutrient via alternative sources.

The most common alternative to natural vitamin D obtained via sunbathing comes in the form of vitamin D supplements. However, not all of these products are created equal, and there are two distinctly different forms of vitamin D that are marketed for over the counter sale as nutritional supplements. One of these forms (vitamin D2, or ergocalciferol) is practically useless in terms of delivering nutritional value to the consumer. The other form, vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is the same form of the nutrient absorbed through sunlight. High quality cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) supplements offer essentially the same health benefits as the natural vitamin D obtained through sunlight.

Women who have observed a noticeably older looking appearance,cheap michael kors bags particularly around the face and eyes should talk with their doctor or nurse practitioner about having their vitamin D levels tested, and starting a vitamin D3 supplement regimen if the test results indicate a deficiency of this extremely important vitamin/hormone. In addition to the cosmetic drawbacks of being vitamin D deficient, the condition (vitamin D deficiency) has been scientifically linked to an increased vulnerability to developing several dozen debilitating illnesses and medical conditions.

The bottom line is that taking a high quality vitamin D3 supplement will not only help many if not most women appear younger during the winter months, it may also help to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer and an array of other diseases of varying degrees of severity.


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